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    Friday, September 10th, 2010
    8:45 am
    Adventure in cloth
    Before peanut was born, I was an active seamstress (not to be confused with sewer -- I'm not a waste water system!) and had noticed many moms using cloth diapers. It intrigued me. So I started researching, and was 100% overwhelmed. I bought some prefolds & covers on a close out sale & was so proud of my fluff. I bought patterns & fabric & started making my own -- well, trying to. I read & researched & finally after peanut was born I admitted this great truth: I HATE SEWING DIAPERS! There is nothing fun about it, for me. I need quick & easy for cloth to work for us - and I found myself relying on some diapers that I'd gotten on sale through cottonbabies (AND one my wonderful cousin Elisa, who had been cloth diapering her little girl & was a wealth of info!) Bum Genius to the rescue! I bought some Made In China diapers to pad our stash (which I have had to strip more than once & have had problems with leaks), and then added to it from cottonbabies here & there. Cotton Babies product was economical & so great that it took away that mama guilt & crafter guilt of not making them myself. Why reinvent the wheel? I had the perfect product, why should I sew them (when I dislike it so much!)
    The part I love best about cloth? I've been able to say "I told you so!" to my mother! That is priceless :)  She had used cloth, not necessarily by choice, with my siblings & I (or some of us) I remember fumbling with pins & prefolds & plastic pants, stinky wet pail in the bathroom - as did she - vividly! So when I told her I was going to use cloth, she rolled her eyes, and said "we'll see" and that little guy would have disposables on when she changed him. The first time she went to change him I warned her he had on cloth, she braced herself - and then went "that's it?" These "new school" cloth diapers broke through her cloth bias & what changing diapers for 5 kids had engrained in her. She is still astounded that I don't have a wet pail, that I don't have to do any tricks before washing (yeah for breastfeeding!) And that the diaper is just there & ready to put on baby (needless to say, I save the flips & econobums for my use!)
    Thursday, July 21st, 2005
    4:28 pm
    Just put me on repeat...
    I sure didn't take out a newspaper ad that said I was going to Alaska, but the small town thing again - everyone knows...and everyone asks "How was Alaska?!" So I have to try to be positive & not bite someone's head off & say "freaking cold, what do you expect?" It was beautiful, but the best part was 2 weeks of no-holds-barred sex whenever we wanted for the first time in our relationship (yes, I love my kids, but call me crazy, hard to sleep naked when you never know what little person you might scar for life). Thinking that people really don't want to hear that part of my trip, it leaves me to have to reply "beautiful but cold. Lots of mountains & ice..." & other inane things. If only I just could push a button & have a voiceover do my little spiel after the 4th time today!
    Monday, July 11th, 2005
    11:10 am
    Defrosting in Iowa...
    So...I registered so I could view a friends journal, and now I've got this username & a blank journal staring me in the face - so I've got to post SOMETHING! And what fills my mind right now is how glad I am to be back in Iowa. Alaska is beautiful, breathtaking, but I missed my cornfields. Miles of water, mountains, glaciers, and I wanted to see some flat fields & cows. I loved the trip, but it was truely once in a lifetime because I will never go again! I wasn't seasick, I loved flying, but the cruise just wasn't my thing. The entire thing revolves around eating & sleeping I think!! Mostly eating. By the second day I was like "point me towards the salad bar!" by the end of the trip I was sick of filet mignon & cheesecake & just wanted some microwave popcorn! lol. And I don't do sitting - if I were to travel again, I'd fly into Juneau or someplace & then rent a car or RV & spend a week just exploring the area, instead of 6 hrs at every touristy town between Vancouver & Anchorage. And it was cold & rainy for most of the trip. I was ready to come back to our 90 degree & humid weather in Iowa to thaw out. We saw beautiful scenery, wildlife (moose, orcas, humpbacks, sea otters, bald eagles galore..and I forget what else!) I missed my kids, missed my house (man does it seem huge now!), my name it! And am glad to be back in the land of Happy Meals instead of 4 course meals with 4 forks, 3 spoons, and 2 knives to figure out!

    Current Mood: thankful